создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Create a website

To create a website today in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) or being in Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Europe, etc., you only need to contact professional web developers – that is, us. Website development in our studio today is a highly organized service, the services of a whole team of specialized specialists. This

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Buy a template-site or make to order the new one?

A very common question for start-ups and small companies, individual entrepreneurs, for franchise businesses, for schools or courses is the question of whether to buy a ready-made website on the Internet or order web development from a studio. The answer here is obvious, and we will reveal it for you

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Internet marketing in Bishkek

Web development in Kyrgyzstan, in Bishkek, keeps up with the times. Regardless of a number of economic indicators, the Internet, its technologies and direct marketing in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan are developing very actively. And in 2023, as in previous years, all companies, private businesses, and the public sector must have

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Website development 2023

Web development studio in Bishkek – SAIT.KG offers professional website development services in 2023. You can order from us: websites for business, landing page, online stores, online catalogs, small or large websites, websites for a company, design creative websites or, vice versa, websites for offices, state and administrative level organizations.

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Order a website in Kyrgyzstan from Russia

Dear entrepreneurs from Russia, if you want to order a website in Kyrgyzstan, a website in Bishkek, then you can always do it with the help of our company. SAIT.KG web development studio creates websites of international level, of the highest quality and at affordable prices. To order a website

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Web-site for Parallel Import

Parallel imports, today these phrases are heard more and more often, and the topic is especially relevant for businessmen in Russia. Parallel import has a number of economic features and business is built for it in a certain way, but one of the essential points for implementing the business development

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Features of modern web-sites

If you want to order a site in Bishkek, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Osh, Talas, etc., then you will face a single task and a common question – which site to choose, how to build the correct site scheme (the correct site tree), how to take into account everything you need

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Website development in Bishkek 2022

If you are looking for the best website development studio in Bishkek, then SAIT.KG is at your service. We offer the creation of turnkey websites, both in Bishkek and throughout Kyrgyzstan. In 2022, we continue our work and also expand cooperation with companies, private businesses and government organizations of the

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Order a website in Bishkek 2021

In 2021, the SAIT.KG web development studio continues its work. Accordingly, this year, with all the relevant services, you can order the creation of a website from us, both in Bishkek and throughout Kyrgyzstan. We offer the development of turnkey web resources – from working out the concept, purpose, plan

web bishkek 2020

Website development in Bishkek in 2020

Web development studio SAIT.KG (S.A.I.T – KG) continues its work in 2020. We are happy to create unique, high-quality multifunctional websites in Bishkek and in general for the whole of Kyrgyzstan. This year you can also order from us: Site for business Site – catalog for goods Online store Business

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

How long does it take to build a website?

The web development studio Sait.kg in Bishkek creates unique turnkey projects with an individual approach to each customer. We implement 100% of the websites we undertake, we bring all the functions to the ideal interaction of the end user with the customer’s online office, and without fail we work through

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Website for education

Web development studio Sait.kg offers professional creation of educational sites in Bishkek. For you, dear customers, we will create a high-quality website you need to promote our services and products. Including, we can create a website for online education, a website for online courses, a website for a school, a

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Multilingual site

Web development studio in Bishkek – Sait.kg offers you professional services for the creation of multilingual sites. That is, we can create any website at your request – with any design and any functionality, and then immediately translate it and automate it in two, three or even four languages. Multilingual

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Entertainment site

Our studio develops custom websites in Bishkek. And it can be both the Company’s sites, as special business card sites advertising services or services of business representatives, as various online stores, and specialized sites for the audience. In particular, we program and draw sites for reading, for downloading content, for

создание сайта в Бишкеке, Кыргызстане, Киргизии

Which CMS for online-store better?

An online store is a large, complex and specific site in its functionality. It doesn’t matter if this online store is being created for Bishkek (for trade in Kyrgyzstan) or for other countries of the world. Here, both the programmers and the marketing department have a lot of work to


Advertising website

If you need a high-quality advertising site that will sell your goods, promote your services and represent you / your Company as efficiently as possible on the Internet. Then we are ready to help you! SAIT.KG website development studio offers an individual approach and the best marketing solutions for creating


How to create a business card website

Is your presence on the Internet as a businessman, as a service specialist – important, necessary, useful for developing your own business? We are glad that you have come to this, because we have long adhered to the 21st century business proverb: “If you are not on the Internet, you

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Creating an online store, where to start?

If you are selling or will be selling goods. If you are a businessman, a representative of a business in Kyrgyzstan (in Bishkek) or an official distributor, and you decide to put your business on the Internet, in order to attract unlimited and most productive new customers to a particular


Which website is better for business?

SITE Web Studio has been creating / developing websites for businesses for many years. Our experts have created, improved, finalized, optimized and launched hundreds of projects in the TOP of SEO. Therefore, we know for sure how websites are created for business, what needs to be emphasized, how to implement

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Web-development in Bishkek

If you are looking for professional web developers in Bishkek, then experts from the web studio Sait.KG are at your service. Here you can order the perfect, modern, high-quality website for yourself / for your business / for your organization, which will be implemented by real masters of their craft.