Websites with CMS in Bishkek

Also sites from our web-studio in Bishkek are created taking into account the further development and advancement in the network. That is, they have special tools for easy filling with thematic content, as well as editing. Speaking more technical language, we plant sites on CMS, which is very convenient and gives the opportunity to develop the site further to any experienced user of modern gadgets and computers.

Note that we have described the rest of the modern standards in the development, design and filling of sites on our part in the section "About development". Here we list and a little reveal the types of sites that we offer.

We will create for you a site which you 100% can use

Depending on the needs of the customer, we will add (drill down, program) on the site as many business tools as you need. Add feedback forms, ways to order a callback or correspondence with business representatives, add the ability to call you directly from the mobile version, leave a request, subscribe, share in social networks, etc. etc.

In short, we will create a full-fledged representation on the Internet, create a real online office, where you can find customers, keep in touch with them, attract them and incline to purchase or order. We offer you the personal development of a site for business in Bishkek which will become another your office, and the Office of boundless access for clients.