About us

Hello. You have entered the website of a professional web-studio, which offers the development of high-quality, interesting, creative and most modern sites in Bishkek. Here you can find out what site you need, how to order a site in Bishkek, how much it will cost, and how quickly it will be developed.
Our web-studio is engaged in drawing, development, introduction of sites already not the first year. The efforts of designers, developers, managers, copywriters, SEO-Specialists of our team, were created dozens of unique, beautiful and most importantly-useful for business sites for Russia. Now we “go back to our native harbor” and proceed to a new development of sites in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

Order a site Turnkey

Our team consists of the real professionals of the business. Designers create super-layouts, layout designers convert drawings into code, programmers help to make the site alive, unique and 100% working, and managers and copywriters put the final and important touches in the adaptation of the site on the Internet. Together we create not just new websites, we create real masterpieces that decorate the internet, raise the status of any business and bring benefits to its owner.
Yes, today the qualitative, competent, thematic and individual site should be at each businessman, at each company, a beauty salon, a workshop, restaurant, café, etc. etc.

Because any modern man is looking for what he needs, using the Internet. And if you do not have a personal site, if you do not promote your business in the global network, then… In general, potential customers simply will not be able to learn about you and use your services/order your goods.

Therefore, today we are ready to offer a quality, individual, beautiful, thematic site to every businessman. We offer the creation of professional sites for business in Bishkek.

Moreover, the drawing and development of sites in Bishkek on our part is turnkey. That is, we all draw ourselves, take a picture ourselves, we will process, compose and place on the site. Turnkey sites in Bishkek imply the complete creation of the site from and to. You just tell us what business you have, specify what kind of site you want, and we will do everything ourselves and eventually give you passwords from a valid, live, ready site for your business on the Internet.

Creation of sites in Bishkek

When we say that we will make the site turnkey, we are not joking. The new website that you book with us will be made completely! Development of the site will begin with the purchase of domain and hosting, continue drawing banners and layout markup, then will be done a lot of work on the layout and code, and in the end we provide you a ready site that fully meets the requirements of your business and lies on the Internet.

We take care to create sites in Bishkek with all seriousness and responsibility. And the ready site from our studio is a ready site, there will be also banners, and thematic texts, and full-fledged navigation, and all necessary forms of feedback for attraction and contact with potential clients of your business.

That is, the site that you order from us, will be able to visit your potential customers and order your services, buy your goods, learn about you, call you and write. In general-we will create a site for you in Bishkek, which will promote your business to a new level-the level of the 21st century!

Website development

After we discuss with you the options of creating a site for your business, after you order our services, we immediately begin to develop the site. Our team performs work on roles and competently, step by step, professionally embodies the idea in life.

Thanks to teamwork and masterful approach, development of sites in Bishkek on our part does not take a lot of time. Depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of drawing, layout, encoding, the volume of planned texts on the pages of the site-a schedule of demonstration of progress and delivery of the entire project.

Relying on a personal little experience, let’s say that small, profile sites for business are created within one to two weeks. More complex and voluminous sites take more time-about a month. But even a month is not a lot for a completely new, developed and filled site personally for your business. And for 2 weeks for the site turnkey-it’s actually very fast and professional!

Order a site in Bishkek

Therefore, dear customers, we confidently guarantee you the development of quality and professional sites in Bishkek on our part. Moreover, we create websites inexpensively, and set the minimum prices for their web development services in Kyrgyzstan.

If you still doubt to order the creation site here, then check our prices and write to us or call. All contacts are listed in the corresponding section. We will be glad to answer your questions and discuss with you the creation of a new site in Bishkek. For us, every development, every filling of the site-it’s a joy, because each of our site-a masterpiece in which we put the soul!