Site Type Prices (kgs)
Site for Business from 17 000
Landing page (Landing page) from 17 000
Expanded site-business card/website-Portfolio from 17 000
Site-Gallery from 17 000
Site for the company from 17 000


Separately paid domain and hosting
Domain .kg (site in Kyrgyzstan zone) 2650 kgs
Domain .ru (site in Russia zone) 220 kgs
Domain .su (international domain, means – Soviet Union 700 kgs
Domain .com (commercial international domain) 1200 kgs
Domain .org (company / branding international domain) 1200 kgs


Order a unique high-quality turnkey business website !! inexpensive !!Order a unique high-quality turnkey business website !! inexpensive !!


We are glad that you are interested in the prices for the sites in Bishkek. If you are interested in the price, then you are seriously considering the creation of your own site. All right! In the 21st century the site is needed for every business, so you are on the right path.

If you still do not know what site you want and have not even imagined it, based on the price and other conditions of the market, then you are more fortunate to go to our site. As we develop a wide range of sites for business in Bishkek and we will be able to create for you the desired web-resource within the most acceptable prices.

As for the rates themselves, we will please you, we have very low prices for the creation of sites in Bishkek. In this case, we are honest, with great diligence working on each Web resource, bring it to perfection and take into account all the needs of the customer. As a result, the site will be made as you wanted, as you ordered, as it was agreed in the contract.

Website prices in Bishkek

Perhaps we are not the first resource where you went to choose Contractors to develop your site. You might think about seeing the prices of websites and other Web studios in Bishkek. However, we can openly assure you that the prices for the development of sites we are quite low. Moreover, taking into account the quality of Web products creation, due service to the customer and strict accounting of various requirements of the ordered project from us, the offer of competitors you will not be interested.

We will create for you a site turnkey for the price, for which agreed, and even if you need the improvements and editing of the project at the time of development, we do not ask you about the payment, and better try to do everything as it should.

Site cost

You have already looked at the table above and, of course, noticed that our prices for the development of various sites in Bishkek do not differ depending on the type of site. This is because, dear customers, that we create sites turnkey not only competently and beautifully, but also fair. That is, to draw, to turn, to plant on “CMS”, and then to adapt the site for various devices-requires a certain amount of time, money and effort.

And if you look at the code, design, layout, adaptation, etc., then in the end there is almost no difference: to create a beautiful, understandable and interesting site business card or modern landing page, invent and draw a site for the company’s business or to develop a portfolio in the network For a private entrepreneur.

All the sites that we create are quality. All of them are created for business and are aimed at selling your goods or services. Therefore, if you want one page landing page, we will do it for you. If you want a site for business standard layouts-make it. And if you want a site-gallery, we will invent, draw and make a web-site of such format. And all this, dear customers, for one price.

To order the website

Therefore, if you choose an honest, talented, creative, attentive and professional team to order your site, and you do not want to overpay and choose the developers of sites in Bishkek, offering affordable prices, you have found what Searched. Web Studio for the creation of sites turnkey “SAIT. KG “at your service. We have the most affordable prices for quality and actually worked out for business sites in Bishkek. And having ordered development from us, you will not regret!