To order the website

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To order the site

It is easier to order the development of the site in Bishkek than you think. All you need to do is to fill out this form of communication, and we will respond to your email or call you at the nearest time. Next we will meet you to discuss all the necessary conditions for the creation of a special site for your business, and on the same day we can begin to fulfill the order.

Website Development in Bishkek

The development of the site will be carried out in several stages, each of which we also agree with you. When ordering-we will create for you landing page, small or large site, site-gallery, etc. What it will be-discuss! At the meeting we will be able to discuss all the requirements of the site, determine its purpose and approve the tools of use.

Dear customers, we will always be glad to tell you, without which the modern site is not complete and that it is necessary to add to your project.

That is, we will help you to invent and improve the site for your business. And for additional consultation, hint, advertising banners, etc. We do not take surcharges. Our managers will be your friends and honest advise you for the approval of all the nuances of the new site and its bringing to the ideal state.

Site Price and payment

We are a professional web-studio on development of sites in Bishkek, on the market we not the first year (and on the international internet market) and have long been decided with algorithm of service of orders and creation of new websites. We are accustomed to trust our customers! We work honestly and heartily, so we expect the payment for the completed project at the end with the same impact.

We do not take advances for the creation of a new site! Payment is made after the project is completed!
Yes, we are practically the only one in the Kirnet studio that works under the word of honor. We do not take advances for the creation of the site, for the design or development of the code. All you have to do for what you will have to pay before we start developing the site for you-so it is to buy a domain!

f you do not know how to buy a domain, how to choose and pay for hosting, then we will help and advise you on this issue. Moreover, technical support of this level on our part is also free.

Turnkey sites in Bishkek

Therefore, dear customers, we are waiting for your calls, letters and orders. We are ready to start web development and create a turnkey site at your request very soon. You will love to cooperate with us. And in the future you are sure to contact us for the creation of the second site (so have already done dozens of our customers in Russia and Belarus). Our web-studio in Bishkek is open for cooperation, so do not postpone the call. Let’s meet and discuss with you the creation of a turnkey website today!

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