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Angela Stolnikova

Beauty Salon

Hello, here I am, boys. I hasten to write you a review for the miracle work. Well done, the site of our salon-just a charm. Today we launched it in an open voyage, and he liked it all. So you want to kiss for such beauty and charm as our site. No one else has such a site, even Sasha Zverev.

Thank you for making us the site completely. This service is a turnkey site – super. The girls and I trusted you, and you didn't let us down. You are real men and professionals of your business. Special thanks to write for pictures and animations on the site. We have a beauty salon, so everything should be beautiful! Here you are great to draw, and the flowers and butterflies are all in the theme and looks great.

Site Turnkey-It's just for people far from mathematics and all the exact sciences. I know the beauty, and in all other, let them be their professionals. You have made us a completely new, colorful and interesting site. They all invented and Superski made. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you can, I'll leave the link to the site

Eliza Kim


Hi all! Ran into your site to say thanks for mine! ))

Ordered from this design studio itself site-business card. Made for a week and it with all the drawings, construction and layout. Made me a cool site with all the additions that I requested. After showed that and how it works and taught to fill the site itself. In my work it was necessary.

Thank you, work not only wisely and show a lot of experience in the construction and layout of sites, but also do everything talented, with a great positive. The case is controversial and the result justifies expectations. I had a real pleasure when I planned my site with artists and created it together.

By the way, all the main positions were discussed directly with me, so the site turned out perfectly according to my parameters and goals. In addition to the general scheme and design I have linked several pages with my accounts in social networks, and now my subscribers can read me not only on my page. So, my business is now progressing, and my ideas are being put into practice.

Those who want to apply for the site in this studio-for all about everything I gave a very small sum, and calculated parts, which is also convenient.

Everything is cool, everything is great, thank you! I understood that the reference is not put on the review, Well, OK))

Kolkov Maxim

Manager of the online furniture store

Internet to the whole head, such is my motto. So when my company got up and went to some money, I immediately persuaded the staff to turn to the rush for the creation of the site. Glad to have turned to you. Work well, and most importantly productive!

I literally for a month, taking into account my time and providing data on my part, created an excellent site, or rather an online store. They rejected it and filled it with everything necessary. Now our company sells furniture in 90% through the Internet

Having received what I ordered and assessing the real progress of his business, now I advise everyone familiar with the services of this company to create, fill and promote sites. Here I and already my good friend have received two absolutely different, individual and full site. I have a first-class online store, which even liked the Chinese furniture manufacturers. With the new site my business, so to speak, has moved to the environment. Implement furniture, now lying at home on the couch. The site works for me. People find us through social networks and search engines, leave requests, call the call center or simply make a purchase directly through the site. My site can all!

Thank you very much for the quality of work and fair requests for money. I will continue to advise all of you!

Malin Fyodor

Online clothing Store

Partially appealed for Internet programming services to this studio. Updated the Gallery and home page, all done much better than I could even expect Bravo and once again Bravo!

I do not know exactly in what programming language My site is written, but the masters from this studio quickly in it understand. Contacted those who support my site, got admin rights to rework and the most beautifully updated pages that I ordered. I needed to reorganize the main page of the online store and the gallery of goods, it was necessary to decorate everything, to raise the attractiveness, well, and simplify the user interface.

Ordered first sketch, made it quickly and beautifully, later the same makrom qualitatively remade my site. It is convenient that there are professional offices that agree to a partial alteration of the site. Thank you! Draw well, quickly program and clearly work. All of you, continue in the same spirit.

Ravil Baaturov

Deputy Director of the Realtor Company

I have ordered from this design studio corporate site for the realtor company in which I work. Agreed that the Masters will program and fully fill the new site, bring it to the Internet and support during the year, until the constant maintenance we will not find a separate person.

The financial question has been completely arranged for us. This company does not inflate prices and faithfully works "Every penny". Never had to redo anything and there was not a single conflict situation. With deadlines we did not rush, but we must give due, quickly enough received the first part of the site. Having worked with him in a test mode, we decided to give a good to the publication. Later the site was supplemented, edited and filled with information about our company. So over time, each realtor department of my company already had access to the site and relevant information.

The Wizards have made us a virtual network and a great site that helps our company, customers and employees. My subordinates quickly oriented, because the site is not complex on the buttons, it is now convenient to buy and sell apartments. Clients also do not complain.

If to specify, we have made good PR-texts, advertising information and all necessary moments (imposition there and other). As a result, I and my employees are satisfied with the corporate website and the agency from this gained advantage, plus for business.

I'll shake your hand and say thank you. I wish you continued success in your work.

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