Buy a template-site or make to order the new one?

A very common question for start-ups and small companies, individual entrepreneurs, for franchise businesses, for schools or courses is the question of whether to buy a ready-made website on the Internet or order web development from a studio. The answer here is obvious, and we will reveal it for you with an explanation and an indication of the real advantages.

Site to order

So, what is: creating a new site to order in a web development studio? This is an appeal to a group of specialists in the field of web design, web programming, Internet marketing and management, when professionals in their field will deal with your issue. Creating a new website to order in Bishkek, as in other cities / countries in professional web studios, includes: studying your project, working out and building its scheme from and to, competent programming, individual design, content filling (texts, images ) on a turnkey basis, and then the introduction and publication of a new fully prepared resource on the Internet.

This method of obtaining a website in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.) includes all stages of development, creation and implementation of your project – your new resource (if you like – an online office) on the Internet. This is an individual approach to the issue of creating a site specifically for your topic (specifically for your organization, company, business, product or service). And this is directly the implementation of the project and the creation of a turnkey site, taking into account both the characteristics of your field of activity and the target audience of future site visitors, as well as such subtleties as the color scheme of the content, adaptability to various computers and gadgets and the development of a secure individual admin control panel.

Buying a ready-made website on the Internet (in Bishkek)

The second option is to get a new website for your company, for your business, school, courses, etc. is the purchase of a ready-made template site on the Internet, in a number of services and online constructors. This method of acquiring a site, in some cases, turns out to be cheaper, but the low price of a site here is due to a significant decrease in the possibilities for personalizing a web resource, its ownership, editing, maintenance and high-quality operation on certain devices (computers and gadgets).

When you prefer to buy a ready-made site in an online builder, you get a template, limited solution without the possibilities of available individual solutions in design, placement and display of content. Also in this vein, you do not get proper advice and assistance from designers, programmers, copywriters and marketers. And another big disadvantage here is that you will not get full rights to the site. An online constructor is not your personal server, it will not be possible to remove the entire file system and transfer the resource to another hosting, it will not be possible to conduct high-quality SEO optimization, work on the back-end and conduct detailed work with databases.

Therefore, if you still want to get your high-quality, individual, full-fledged website, then it is better to initially contact a web development studio for advice, and having gained confidence in the quality implementation of the project, order a new turnkey website built specifically for you!