Website development 2023

Web development studio in Bishkek – SAIT.KG offers professional website development services in 2023. You can order from us: websites for business, landing page, online stores, online catalogs, small or large websites, websites for a company, design creative websites or, vice versa, websites for offices, state and administrative level organizations. All this we develop on a turn-key basis and at really affordable prices.

Website prices in 2023

Creating websites in 2023, in part, differs from ordering projects in previous years, and the reason for this is new trends in online marketing, ideas and standards of sales funnels, new versions of browsers on computers and gadget operating systems. However, when applying for the creation of a website in Bishkek to us, you can not worry about this. The best managers, web designers and programmers will work with you. Therefore, your new website will comply with the standards of 2023, the requirements of the state structures of the Kyrgyz Republic and international web development trends.

Note that, adhering to the extended technical standards for publishing and adapting new sites in 2023, we have not raised prices. You can still order a website in Bishkek from us at the lowest prices, and the traffic and the final cost of a web project, calculated from the level of complexity and amount of work on the site, are calculated not by man-hours, but by the number of functions and stages site improvements. This means that the prices for creating a site this year in SAIT.KG also remained lower than those of other web studios. At the same time, we still keep a high mark of the quality of services, programming of sites and their databases, and also offer, when publishing a project, its filling on a turnkey basis.

Website development

If you still can’t decide which site you want to order, you don’t know the exact difference between a site for business, a business card site or a landing page, if you want to immediately find out exactly the price of your future site, taking into account the number of pages, the functionality of the admin panel site and customer flow accounting systems, then just contact us by phone, instant messengers or the application form on the site. Web development consultation at SAIT.KG is free.

The level of service is important to us, we love our work, and for almost 10 years we have been pleasing our customers with a low price for services to create any sites in Bishkek. Our portfolio confirms this. You can openly contact any business owner from the portfolio sites of our resource, and they will confirm that the site was developed by our studio, the level of service was high, and prices are lower than those of competitors!