Website development in Bishkek 2022

If you are looking for the best website development studio in Bishkek, then SAIT.KG is at your service. We offer the creation of turnkey websites, both in Bishkek and throughout Kyrgyzstan. In 2022, we continue our work and also expand cooperation with companies, private businesses and government organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic. This year, as before, you can order from us:

  • Creation of a turnkey website with a full study of the project
  • Programming an online store
  • Design and implementation of the Business Card website
  • Concept, goals, drawing, design and implementation of the Landing Page (Landing Page)
  • Implementation of large sites (Company Site, Corporate Site, Multifunctional Site, Online Office)

SAIT.KG programs these and other projects with full responsibility, with an individual approach to each client, to each project. Every resource that we maintain is important to us, so we always give 100% and always consult our clients FROM and TO – so that the new site is really useful for the customer.

Sites of 2022

New trends in web development in 2022, of course, have made their edits and prerogatives in design, design, programming and adaptive. Sites in 2022 should take into account new devices, updates to the display of content in browsers, and features of the latest versions of operating systems (including gadgets). SAIT.KG programmers are familiar with the list of updates and features of web development in 2022, so you can definitely order an up-to-date, modern, high-quality website in Bishkek from us.

Website price in 2022

At the same time, dear customers from Kyrgyzstan, as well as near and far abroad, we are pleased to highlight the positive news for you. Despite the general rise in the cost of goods and services (inflation, etc.), we did not raise prices for our services. In SAIT.KG, you can still order a website for 17,000 soms. The final price for a new website in Bishkek, of course, will be calculated after discussing and working out your future project, but you can order a small simple website from us at a price of seventeen thousand soms – even today. The consultation is free, so we are waiting for your calls!