Website for startup

Starting a business today, every entrepreneur already knows and understands that it is possible to bring his idea to the largest number of potential customers only with the help of 21st century communications. Namely, in order to create competition in the relevant market, sell your product or offer your service the most actively and efficiently, you need to go online. You need to create your online office, identify yourself and your Company, as well as develop PR, build development, marketing, management and achieve the related goals of business progress with the help of the most advanced and global network. As many customers as you can potentially find on the Internet, you will not find anywhere else.

And that means that in order to create a high-quality business today and at the lowest cost, without unnecessary waiting to bring it into the midst of the largest demand – you as a startup need a website.

Website creation

A site for a startup can be different in price, volume, color and functionality. It can be a standard familiarization site – a business card, or it can immediately be a multifunctional website of the company or an online store. This is up to you, as well as starting from your financial capabilities on the first couple of the company’s foundation and marketing strategy. But most importantly, a startup should have a website! And as most business publications around the world note, this “checkmark” in the graph of the start of business is one of the fundamental.

And since you need to create a website in order to immediately attract as many customers as possible for your product or service, then you will need the services of professional web developers. And we, dear entrepreneurs and start-ups, will be happy to become your guides to the world of Internet marketing.

To order the site

Web development studio Sait.KG offers its customers website development at all levels and directions. You can order from us the most minimal site-business card or landing page in terms of parameters and functionality, as well as the multifunctional site of the company with its unique CMS and various special capabilities. In any case, with any order of our work, we will be happy to help you, provide the highest quality advice regarding web development, website development, building a sales funnel and marketing on the Internet. And also we undertake to carry out our work on creating the site 100% competently, beautifully and with special advantages specifically for your business sector.

Ordering a website from us means choosing honest, professional web designers and web developers, then relying on a team of competent and creative specialists from a modern web studio. Thanks to this, you will definitely get the desired, one hundred percent high-quality, effective and marketing website for your startup.


And most importantly, dear startupers, we have low prices for websites. We do not overstate the cost of the services of a web designer or back-end developer, but work as a team and immediately offer you a profitable set of services for all specialists in creating, filling, decorating and promoting a new site for one common price list. Moreover, it will be the lowest price on the Internet for a complete, unique, high-quality and useful site for your business.

For example, a business card site unique in design, full in admin panel and ready for SEO promotion or a colorful Landing Page for your brand book, we cost only 17,000 soms. And this, we emphasize, turnkey website development, when you pay only seventeen thousand soms to get a website ready for your business, already posted on the Internet!

If you want to know about the prices of sites from our web studio, as well as get more detailed advice on the timing and features of creating sites from Sait.KG – then call us. All phones and links to instant messengers are listed on the contacts page. We are always online and openly advising clients!