What is “Company News”

Dear friends, as a full consultation you on the development of websites in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and abroad. And also for general information and study of the current web development market, we have created this section of our portal.

Here we will publish reliable, relevant information regarding the development, promotion, implementation and improvement of sites on the Internet today. Moreover, in useful tips, recommendations, statistics, summaries and general analysis of sites (online businesses), we will focus on the Kyrgyz web market.

Useful information for those who want to order a site

By visiting this section of our site regularly, you will find out how much a new site in Bishkek really costs today, what a good website should be, how the online store differs from the company website, and how to make the right choice in ordering a web development. By studying our articles, you will learn to understand web developers and web designers, you will learn how Internet marketers differ from offline marketers, you will understand which site will be better for a particular type of business, and you will be able to understand a number of profile issues of this Topics.


We have already gained the trust of hundreds of people and secured trust relationships of a high degree from dozens of active entrepreneurs, both in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Russia and Kazakhstan. The team of developers, designers and marketers of Sait.KG is glad to promote in the domestic and foreign Internet market really high-quality, useful websites for business. But this is not our only goal.

We want to bring Bishkek, and then the whole of Kyrgyzstan to a new level of online business, which has long been achieved abroad and is also actively developing in Russia and Kazakhstan. In our country there are not a few entrepreneurs, experienced businessmen and talented startups, whom we can help to learn more about the advantages of promoting a business and ideas on the Internet. With our and your support, all areas of the market in Kyrgyzstan will be able to get more coverage, as well as provide services to potential customers due to the 21st century.

About website creation and web design for you

Be with us, and you will learn all the advantages, secrets and features of modern websites, decide for yourself many questions on the creation and promotion of an online office, and you can even consult in the future about your environment on topics of Internet marketing, real website prices , find out for yourself and be able to tell others the differences between sites and much more.

In general, we will publish for you everything useful about the web environment and Internet marketing, we will stay online and will be happy to answer your questions about our services. The “Sait.KG Company News” section will be regularly updated, so click on the next and read new, interesting, useful articles!