How long does it take to build a website?

The web development studio in Bishkek creates unique turnkey projects with an individual approach to each customer. We implement 100% of the websites we undertake, we bring all the functions to the ideal interaction of the end user with the customer’s online office, and without fail we work through all the subtleties and nuances of both the computer and mobile versions of the sites.

An important factor in our work and the studio’s advantage in creating custom-made websites in Bishkek is time. We create sites quickly enough, we realize all our goals on time and we hand over projects to the customer in stages on clearly specified dates.

Website development in Bishkek

Positive feedback from customers is important to our specialists, we set goals for high-quality feedback and strict, complete office work on each project. Therefore, there is no reason for us to “drag out the project” and postpone the final date of the site. Accordingly, when ordering a website in Bishkek with us, you can be sure that the work will be delivered to you on time and in full readiness. These points, we also necessarily prescribe in the contract for the provision of services (contract for the development of the site). Therefore, both physically and legally, we fully comply with the deadlines for the delivery of your project – and this is a turnkey website in Bishkek!

Terms of website development in Bishkek

Depending on the complexity and volume of your future site, the term of its implementation directly depends. But here we note that even the most complex and large project we are implementing for no more than a month. Yes, even the largest and most complex in design / functionality corporate website or online store we will create for you from scratch on a turnkey basis in just 1 month.

As for the general (standard, proven, approved by practice) terms for the development of sites in Bishkek from our side, here we will also note our advantage for you. We run sites from three days. Yes, if you need to order a website urgently in Kyrgyzstan, then we will create it for you in just 3 days.

According to the standard, the terms for developing sites with our services take from 7 to 14 days. That is, you can order a business card website from us, order a website for business, order an online store in Bishkek or a website / internet project of a different nature and get it completely ready in seven or a maximum of fourteen days.

Therefore, dear entrepreneurs and everyone who needs an individual, high-quality, modern website, we are waiting for your applications for consultation. We will be happy to work out your project and implement it quickly, efficiently, correctly and at an affordable price!