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Rodlov Victor Sergeevich

taxi owner

Good day. I want to thank the guys from sait. Great job!

The organization employs young talented, successful people who know exactly how to cope with modern technology and how to build a website so that it is popular. In addition to developing the site, the guys developed and drew for me the logo, slogan and general brand book of the company. Owning a car fleet, to be honest, I don’t know much about computers, but I know that without the Internet, without advertising, without all the modern innovations, you won’t be able to reach people far. Modern business needs it! Therefore, I turned to professionals to help me keep pace with the times.

They drew a great logo that matches my work, my fleet. We developed a high-quality motivational motto, charter, and all this was published on the site. My minibus is now noticeable Samara. Especially, now progressive youth and business people use my services. Make an order through the site, find out on my site all the necessary information, and most importantly everyone now knows the logo of my minibus. Having visited the site, they recognize him in the city by car and trust the drivers for transportation and transportation.

Thank you for the good work and high-quality performance of everything discussed. Way to go, youth!

Alia Hamilova

office manager of a microcredit company

Hello, “company site”, you are welcomed by Aliya Hamilova from the Ak-Bulak microcredit company. I am writing to say thank you! Despite all the rigor and meticulousness of our requirements, you did everything with a bang! I express my gratitude to you from our company and from the Director General personally.

The site works like a clock. A month later, all of our old and new customers found out about him, and later they began to find us through the Internet and even contacted online applications.

Our microcredit company existed a year before we contacted you. We already had our own corporate identity and our own scheme of working with clients. Therefore, we asked to make the site exactly in our style, as our posters, office, brochures, etc. are decorated. And you did it! The site is made exactly in the spirit and corporate identity of our company. The site you made is competent, typical of Ak-Bulak and has absorbed all the information we need for our customers.

I say thank you! And I wish a lot of new customers, of course, not as finicky as we are (just kidding).

Sincerely, A. Hamilova

Shilov Konstantin

gym owner

Physical education hello! I am Shilov Konstantin, owner of the Iron gym, I would like to leave my comment here and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Today is exactly 100 days since you created, finalized and gave me the finished site. Time to reap the benefits. I am pleased to assure you that the site works fine, it can be found through search engines, checked through Google and Yandex. Everything works, visitors like it and more people began to appear in the hall from this. So, I came to you for a simple site (a business card site), and in the end I ordered a full-fledged site, and even with seo promotion and filling of the text + photo + etc. But now I’m not overjoyed. I have a better site than any other gym or sports club in the city.

You have perfectly drawn to me the very graphics of the site, the way to inspect the hall, offers, qualifications, tips, programs, etc. My trainers and I are now much less asked for repeated information in the gym itself, but they learn how to engage in bodybuilding and how to do it in my gym through the site. Here are all the questions and answers.

The site is magnificent, helps people, helps my business, helps the sport of Russia as a whole. We have done a just thing and this is wonderful. Pump my site SEO further, but it will not rust after me!

Mikhail Orlov

individual entrepreneur

Good day. I am writing a review of thanks to the team “Site – sait”. The guys completed the work efficiently, in a coherent period and inexpensively.

I turned to them at all without any drawing or preparation of the site. In general, I did not imagine him, because I am not strong in this industry. The Internet was mainly used only by Yandex-search and social networks. Therefore, I needed the full qualified help of programmers. I was offered a turnkey website service. And that saved me.

The programmers themselves came up with me and developed the site completely. Everyone painted, designed, framed, wrote texts, titles, sections, well, in general, everything. Only in the end they showed me the finished work, which turned out to be excellent. Now I’m on the Internet much more often!

My site reflects my business, helps in the sale of beer, wholesalers themselves came to me and there were more orders in the city and with home delivery. Later on the site I placed other advertisements under the contract and now I am already earning through the once ordered site.

Thank you guys for the full-fledged customer service – turnkey website. I did not have to rack my brains over anything, I gladly paid you your full work and am very pleased with the end result.

Elizabeth Shugai

Voronezh, the site wallpaper to order

Here I finally wandered to your site and was able to leave a review

I am very glad and pleased with our cooperation with you. You perfectly support our site. As always, I don’t go and check, he is always in the TOP 20 – 10 – 5 according to the questionnaires. That is why, as I think, we are providing excellent competition to the “Bolsheviks” of our city. Wallpaper is for sale, unique ones come in, the site is browsing – that’s for sure! In addition, my phone is often torn with questions and orders, and they call me exactly when they find out about the store via the Internet. Frankly, I would never be able to support a site like you.

I am writing advice to everyone, if your site does not crawl out of …, then contact these specialists. The people in the team are intelligent and do not charge heavenly prices. I have been working with them for a long time and got a nice discount, but even considering the general prices without discounts, they have very reasonable prices. Moreover, they work first-class and precisely effective!

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