Reviews of our customers, entrepreneurs from different countries, who ordered from us: a website for business, an online store, a company website turnkey or refinement of their website

Yuri Koval

owner of service station

I do not really like to write reviews, but this case will be an exception. I ordered the guys a website for their service station (STO), and of a small auto parts store. Demand did not rise immediately, but after three weeks every second person who contacted us answered the question how they found out about us — they found it on the Internet. Someone said that they found the site through forums, where visitors advised, someone got it through a search in Yandex.

The site works and leads customers to the station – this is good news. Moreover, they made it to me the way I wanted. Here is a photo of my station (so quickly recognized by the city), a list of services offered, prices, benefits, goods for sale. Thank you for telling me to divide the site into sections, so it is more voluminous, and those who are looking for something are easier to find (product or service). Everything is clear, clear, short and clear. Great idea with a location map and a link to maps on the Internet, thanks for this idea too.

I liked to cooperate with the guys, sensible. What needs to be prompted, they will not offer too much, and it turned out profitably for the money. Since it is now arranged with us that even service stations need to advertise via the Internet, then let it be. The case is worth the candle.

Maria Lukina

member of the board of directors of NGOs

Thanks to the masters of SAIT studio. My order is 100% complete.

Excellent work on the schedule, excellent rendering of the site, architecture, design and everything, everything, everything. The link system on the site works great. No matter where the visitor is located, wherever he goes, even by accident, he will easily go to the desired section of our site and read the necessary information.

With the conveniently improved design and architecture of my site, it has become popular with visitors. Every day, we count dozens of unique addresses, and the growth of subscribers is growing progressively. My admin panel is very simple, now I can even upload the content myself, without the additional help of an IT specialist. I also easily answer questions from visitors and can edit the information feed. A fairy tale, not a website, turned out! 🙂

I advise everyone. Feel free to contact, ask and specify. Here, everything is clearly explained, well advised and advised, as best. They will draw a site, competently build it in accordance with the business and purpose of the site (we have selected everything that is needed even to my unusual site). In general, I advise, advise, advise!

Alexey Denisov

Self employed

I ordered a business card site from this site. I note right away, it’s nice to work with business people. All papers are drawn up as it should, the documentation is complete. After consultations and discussions, I was immediately provided with a clear estimate of the work with a clear price framework. I was able to calculate how much my site will come out and the further steps to improve it.

So far, my site is small, but the one I need for a still small company of my own. I am grateful for the productive activity. He asked to make the site in ten days, so they did it to me in a week. Quickly, efficiently and according to my clear specifications. A pleasant fact is that the speed did not affect the price. I also consulted with other companies, but here they told me the price is much cheaper than in other places. Therefore, I can firmly say that the guys work for fame and don’t tear extra money.

I will definitely appeal in the future to promote and expand my site.

Julia Zhukova


Good day to all. I want to thank the guys from sait. I am a professional seamstress. I work at home and have long wanted to launch my site, but in the programming profession I am not as strong as in the sewing business;)

Fortunately, I managed to meet real professionals in their field – designers, website creators on the Internet.
My job is to sew things in a general format or on order and sell them. Previously, I had to post my models on various forums and trading floors of the general plan, but I could not get a special result. I also resorted to renting several branches, I had to pay considerable money, but this was not a panacea. So your site was the only way out.

Now I invested and launched my site and I have no regrets about it. Now I have my own gallery, my own design, my own section of contacts, namely a convenient form of working with customers.
I was able to sell even those things that were sewn two years ago, but did not go away. The gallery on my now own site is truly a trading engine. So many thanks guys! With the help of the site you created, I can now earn money and easily sell my things not only me, but also my friends.

Thank you so much for the idea of ​​building the site, the idea of ​​the name and excellent work on its distribution. They quickly learned about my work, photos of my models even appeared in the first pages of search engines, and all this thanks to you. I got the best website for reasonable money and in an amazingly short time. I wish you happiness and success in your interesting and useful business!


co-founder of the online store

Thanks to the seo-masters from Sait. You saved our site and rehabilitated our store!

I want to advise everyone to these masters. Working remotely and at different times of the day, they managed to pull our online store almost out of the ban.

Last year, we ordered an online store website from one of the many companies on the Internet, it later turned out – from an unscrupulous company! Past developers, it turns out, made a lot of errors in the codes and ruined our online store still in the bud. But a lot of money was taken from us. Swearing with them after three months of the site’s existence was already useless and all that had to be done was to look for a good company that would restore the quality of our website’s rotation on the Internet.

We were lucky to find craftsmen from Sait. Collaborating even at a distance (since we are from another city) and simply discussing a correspondence project, the company’s masters quickly learned everything and got down to business on the very first night after negotiating the contract. For a month, our online store not only rehabilitated, but also entered the TOP in our city! The guys professionally made SEO-promotion of the site, fixed errors in its schemes and arranged work for our content managers. Thanks to the confident work of Sait seo-masters, we have restored the work of the site, and accordingly of the company and the business as a whole. I am writing thanks from the entire team of the online store and promise to apply again for support and promotion!

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