Which CMS for online-store better?

An online store is a large, complex and specific site in its functionality. It doesn’t matter if this online store is being created for Bishkek (for trade in Kyrgyzstan) or for other countries of the world. Here, both the programmers and the marketing department have a lot of work to discuss, approve, and then accurately implement not only the design points of the future site, but also a large list of the project’s functionality.

And one of the main questions here is the basis for the future site, namely, on what platform to build an online store, what kind of administrative control panel it will (should have).

Creation, development of an online store

Yes. If a simple business card site or Landing Page can be left without the site admin panel at all. And small corporate sites and sites for promoting services on the Internet should be limited to the minimum set of portal “admin” functions. The online store is in dire need of a full-fledged, high-quality, large, multi-level admin panel.

So that with the finished project of the site (online store), when we give it to you upon completion of our work, you can already manage it yourself. So that you can add goods to the online store yourself, create categories / subcategories of the product catalog, as well as see customer orders and fully work with them. It is for this functionality that the CMS of your future online store is responsible.

We create websites and various online stores in Bishkek at a high professional level. And we guarantee you a high-quality individual approach to your project, its 100% implementation and the correct selection of CMS strictly for the specifics of your Internet business.

Online store on OpenCart

We will definitely advise you before starting a project, before proceeding with the design and further programming of your online store in Kyrgyzstan. Our experts will not only answer your questions about creating online stores and sites in Bishkek, but also supplement the information presented with the subtleties and features of each CMS for an online store.

Our task is to build you a high-quality, competent, convenient, and most importantly, a useful website for selling online both in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan, and around the world. And we will definitely find the best CMS for you.

One of such high-quality, highly thought-out and reliable platforms for creating an online store is OpenCart. And yes – our studio is creating stores based on Opencart in Bishkek.

Online store on WordPress

Directly comparing one CMS of an online store with another is not entirely correct. Because each of the world systems for an online store has a number of advantages and features. And if we are talking about Opencart, then we note its speed, reliability, completeness of the admin panel and, of course, flexibility in expanding the functionality.

Sites on OpenCart in Bishkek, as well as in Russia and other countries, can take a back seat only in certain areas of business, where, for example, WordPress is the leader of CMS for online commerce, or rather, such a large (partly separate ) the “WordPress” system – like Woocommerce (“Vukommers”).

The advantages of Woocommerce, both in Kyrgyzstan and in other countries of the world, are also flexibility, plus: beauty, great variation in designs, portability, dynamism in animation.

Our studio in Bishkek – implements high-quality, successful, reliable WordPress sites with the implementation of the Woocommerce system. And we will be glad to offer you our services for the development of your online store on this CMS.

Online store on PrestaShop and other CMS

In addition to creating online stores on the world’s two leading “engines” “Opencart” and “Vukommers”, our employees also develop and implement online commerce sites on PrestaShop and other CMS. Therefore, when ordering from your side, we will always be ready to consider the individuality of the project, your personal preferences in the site control panel and the specification of the Internet business.

Therefore, dear customers, if you are wondering which CMS to choose for an online store and on which system to build your website for online trading, then we will definitely be able to give you a high-quality, full-fledged, detailed answer, after getting acquainted with your plans and preferences of ways to implement your business on the Internet.