Which website is better for business?

SITE Web Studio has been creating / developing websites for businesses for many years. Our experts have created, improved, finalized, optimized and launched hundreds of projects in the TOP of SEO. Therefore, we know for sure how websites are created for business, what needs to be emphasized, how to implement the profile sales funnel for a project on the Internet. And, of course, we will be happy to share our experience with you.

Therefore, by contacting us with the question of creating a website, developing a web project, programming and filling an online store, we will provide you with proper advice. Our managers and other studio staff will be able to answer thematic questions and help you choose the most suitable site specifically for your business sector.

Turnkey Sites

We create turnkey sites, implement the concept of web development, draw up a block diagram for the initial design of your site, draw a design, create a layout, then make up the website, work out the back-end and fully fill the resource with content (both images and text) . But when ordering a site from us for the first time, you do not have to buy a turnkey site. You can apply for partial work of programmers, designers or SEO-specialists. Our task is to help you choose a site, and then create it both partially and on a turn-key basis.

Individual design and development of the business concept of the site

Of course, choosing which site is better for business, we, as professional web developers, will advise you not a template site or inferior web project on an online designer. Of course, we will advise you to create / develop a new, original, unique site for you and your business. This is the development of the business concept of the site from scratch, its layout, programming, adaptive and content. But to choose a site, determine its scale, and approve the price of your website, only to you.
Therefore, we will advise you, talk about several options for developing a site in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), show examples of various sites and accurately report prices for a small, medium and largest web project.
After that you will be able to weigh the pros and cons, also get additional secondary consultation from us, decide which site will be better and more relevant for your business in Bishkek today. And only then – decide what website development in Kyrgyzstan to order from us!

WordPress and OpenCart Web-Sites

Based on our vast experience and rather large portfolio of very successful, productive, selling (like goods, same services) sites that we created both in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and abroad, we will give you the initial basic advice:

  • If you start with a business card site, landing page or a small multi-page interactive site for business in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), then consider creating it on CMS WordPress. We will create such a website for you (turn-key programming) in 2 weeks. It will cost from 17,000 soms and a little more (depending on the number of pages and the complexity of the design idea).
  • If you want to order an online store in Kyrgyzstan (in Bishkek), then it is best to opt for CMS OpenCart. We will develop an online store on OpenCart from scratch, turnkey, in 2-3 weeks. The cost of this website will be from 28,000 soms and above (also depending on the size of the project).

After reading this article, you naturally have questions. Ask them to us – get a full, high-quality, free consultation on the creation of sites in Bishkek. We will be happy to suggest a site for business, and then bring it to life!