Creating an online store, where to start?

If you are selling or will be selling goods. If you are a businessman, a representative of a business in Kyrgyzstan (in Bishkek) or an official distributor, and you decide to put your business on the Internet, in order to attract unlimited and most productive new customers to a particular product. Then you are on the right track, as you are on the official website of one of the best web-studios for creating websites / developing online stores in Bishkek.

We will definitely be able to create the best online store for you, for your business, for your product, and at the level of programming, design, Internet marketing, we will do everything possible to make the site as short as possible, be fully thought out, and be created with high quality, and worked for a long, long time at 100%. Our task is to create really selling online stores in Kyrgyzstan, which will no longer require financial investments. You order a turnkey online store development from us, and you get a ready-made website + a ready-made CMS for its management.

Online-store development in Bishkek

Of course, you need to understand that a full-fledged, high-quality, absolutely working online store, created specifically for you, for your business and goods, cannot cost a penny. But we will not raise prices for the development of an online store. In SITE studio, the cost of creating a turnkey online store is from 28,000 soms and above (above does not mean much, everything will depend on the number of functions you need to sort the goods and calculate its value in the basket).

Frankly, we have a low price for the creation of a turnkey online store in Bishkek. Since we emphasize once again that we are not working with template templates, but are developing an individual, 100% high-quality and perfect online store for your product.

Order an online store in Bishkek

The first step to ordering an online store should be the statement that you now do not need a promotional site, not a business card site, but a full-fledged, working, voluminous online store (with a basket, with filters, with sorting, with a personal account) , various payment and delivery methods, with customer notifications, etc.).

We will provide you with a full consultation in this matter. We will not impose a mandatory order for a large expensive online store, but we will honestly answer your questions, advise, recommend and help you understand what is best to order at the first stages of the development of your business / your product on the Internet. And if it turns out (if you make such a decision – after honest consultation and demonstration of web development on our part) that you are better off ordering not an online store for 28,000 soms, but a beautiful full-fledged selling site based on a blog for 17,000 soms. Then we are also happy and professional to implement this ordered site.

Choose / buy / create an online-store in Kyrgyzstan

Specialists of SITE web studio in Bishkek are open to dialogue. We take an individual approach to each project and find the time to talk – professionally answer all questions about creating websites, creating online stores with each customer. Therefore, start your site / online store order with a good and honest consultation, and only then decide what you need to order.

We are in touch and are always ready to work with you 100% efficiently, honestly, openly, diligently and for an adequate fee. Both website development and the development of an online store in Bishkek by our studio are inexpensive! Our motto is low prices, high quality, honest work from a designer to a programmer and copywriter! Therefore, all further answers about the cost, uniqueness, creation of an online store in Kyrgyzstan – we will be happy to provide by Phone / Whats App / Telegram or E-mail.