How to create a business card website

Is your presence on the Internet as a businessman, as a service specialist – important, necessary, useful for developing your own business? We are glad that you have come to this, because we have long adhered to the 21st century business proverb: “If you are not on the Internet, you are not in business!”

And if your path as a specialist in goods and services on the Internet is just beginning, then in most cases, the option of creating a business card website is suitable for you. Such a site is about how it is created, programmed, typeset, decorated, adapted and filled with content – we will briefly discuss this article.

Business card website

A Business Card Site is one of the options for a modern, small, but colorful, creative, memorable site, both for a start-up Company and for a private entrepreneur / representative of goods or services. The volume of the business card site is small, but at the same time it contains everything you need. It:

  • Home page
  • Page “about us” (about the company, about the businessman, about the specialist)
  • Product or service page
  • Contact Page

Such content will be quite enough to tell your potential audience about you / about the company, about the product / service. Creating a site will allow you to give a brief presentation to your customers and will allow them to provide all the communications – how to find you and contact you.

Creation, development of a business card website

That is, a business card site is one of the best and most popular types of sites on the Internet, which is relevant both in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan, and around the world! The absolute majority of web studios in the world are also involved in the creation and web development of a business card website. Here is just an approach to the programming and design of this site, each has its own, and also each studio has its own prices for a business card site.

We offer you a professional, 100% high-quality, honest and reliable turnkey website development. Including studio SAIT offers the development of a business card site. Our business card site is being created fully, we typeset, program, adapt it for all devices and implement it as beautifully as possible (from the party selling and presenting your area of ​​activity). And most importantly, our development of a business card website is implemented in a short time, with an individual design and very inexpensive!

Business website prices

Yes, the website development studio SAIT.KG does not allocate the Website Business Card in a separate rating. We are creating these projects according to the general price list, which means its price in Bishkek (in Kyrgyzstan) is 17,000 soms (seventeen thousand soms).

And by contacting us, you will create a business card website in 1-2 weeks. It will be an ideal website created according to all the criteria you requested. And the color scheme, and design, and images, and text – we will fully agree with you, in general – we will do everything right!

Cheaper prices for the original, high-quality, individual website business card neither in Bishkek, nor in Kyrgyzstan can be found. We work with conscience and program with love! Therefore, business card sites from SAIT.KG are so special.

Call us – we will be glad to meet with you and consult for free!